Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Dimensional Doors: Baleful Realmgates

Unstable, flickering and stuttering with unnatural light and bizarre energy, the Baleful Realmgate is an artifact cursed by the power of the Dark Gods.

  Should they seek to make their way across the Realms, brave warriors can attempt to cross its threshold - but they run the terrible risk of being devoured by daemons.

Box version: by Cheetor

The most powerful wizards can master the gate’s power for a time, but such malevolent power cannot be tamed by a mere mortal mind for long.

 I decided to convert mine with the Arcane ruin tops.

I painted one to go with my Graveskul terrain (seen above) and the other to match my Chaos Army.


  1. Great colors as always! Like the conversion too! Had no clue you had changed the top till I read it.

  2. Beautiful work. I like the (very subtle) lighting effects you applied to the stairs. That kind of thing takes a lot of time, and a good eye.