Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Monolith-con 2020 and 1st Annual Warcry Tournament

Well my annual birthday bash wasn't completely ruined due to the pandemic.  We just had to lower attendance to me and Lopez.  But instead of just the weekend, we got to spend a whole 6 days gaming!


The wives surprised us with shirts for the occasion...hahahaha...they really do get us. 

The official start to Monolith-con is the Ceremony of the Skull, shrouded in the magics of Herkimer Diamonds and Crystal Skullz

 Across the week we got a chance to play some Space Hulk, Advanced Heroquest, and New Necromunda.  More on those for another post.


 The big plan was to play at least one full Warcry campaign.  We started off getting our Warcry legs back under us.  I played my Untamed Beasts and Lopez played the new beefy Slaves to Darkness.

Both of our warbands are made up of oldhammer minis.  The new miniatures are nice, but they lack that 80s charm we have grown to enjoy. 

The warbands fought across chaotic ruins to secure a healing artifact.


Lopez's Slambo was especially tough...and took nearly everything I had to bring down.  This would become a reoccurring theme across the campaign.  One I think Lopez began to exploit as the games went on. 

On a chance visit to a local hobby shop we spotted some Warcry Organized Play boxes sitting at the back of the store. 

The owner hadn't used them so we offered to buy them.  We scored a Quarter 1&2 box. 

This made the campaign even better! Now we had prizes and a big leader board to keep track of scores.

We also tried some of the new Catacombs rules.  Unfortunately we didn't get a "floor is lava" moment but look forward to trying that out in the future. 

This board really reminds me of Peachy's terrain shared on Warhammer Community. 

This battle was to open a realm gate key. 

Lopez held me up with Slambo till reinforcements arrived and my horde of Plains Runners swarmed the objective.




Cheetor being so excited following along, but sad he is missing out in person reads up on tactics for next time.

Slambo licking his wounds tried to take refuge in the Souldrain forest.  It became a sharp conflict for a river crossing that saw me take the flank but Slambo ultimately achieved victory.


Did I mention how beefy the Slaves to Darkness Champion is.....


 The campaign trail next lead to Skeletor's Snake Mountain.

 Both warbands were beset by undead spilling up from the crypts.



  The warbands barely escaped...both champions exited the castle glaring at each other.  Much to their shock a pack of Gryph Hounds fell upon them...the enemies again had no choice but to team up for survival.


Taking some time the champions rested and refitted their retinues. Back to full strength the Lords of Chaos met on a snowy graveyard. The prize an ancient tomb of a famous champion.




 Next Vasken had to thwart a wizards foul ritual. 


 As the warlock was uttering his last incantation my Untamed Beasts cut him down.


 This was a fun game to GM.  WillowHeartC was pitted against Lopez  as they fought through a Diablo dungeon. 





   Slambo thought he had slain Jail the Stormcast Pack Master, but she was revived and finished him off much to his shock. MUAHAHAHAHA


 Thwarted again, eh Slambo?

Next saw Vaksen and Slambo racing to the top of a rickety old tower.  Lopez got one of his sidekicks  to the top early and held the highground. 




 I managed to take out Metalman jr., but in my effort I had lost to many wounds and Slambo finished Vasken off as his warriors blocked the avenues of reinforcement.


 Next WillowHeartC defended a desert village from a raid by Untamed Beasts.  The Mindstealer Sphiranx a favorite of her's commanded the horde of Gryph hounds.


We come to the final battle!  A head to head match among some ancient ruins.   

I might have been to aggressive for this one, but my aim was to try to get Slambo down as quick as possible.

Unfortunatley Lopez got some good attack rolls and swept the initiative for 2 turns.  It was over almost as soon as it had begun.  I was worried that this was going to be a crushing defeat.

After tallying up all the Glory Points I managed to eak out the win by one point!  WillowHeartC also won best sportsman and paintjob with her Stormcast Vanguard, and Mindstealer. 

All in all a great week of gaming, and I am so excited to play some more Warcry!


  1. Great you were able to keep the event going, even if it was in a different format to normal, and sounds like you had a lot of fun

    1. We had a blast. Adapt and's the only way. ;)

  2. SIX DAYS!???!!!!
    There is almost too much to comment on. All the games, scoring the Tourney boxes, the new scenery...
    Congrats on an entire week of awesomeness. 👍

    1. Thanks man...wish the circumstances where different and I could have had everyone over.

  3. Amazing! The terrain, the miniatures, the SIX DAYS of gaming!

    And those shirts... LOL.

    How much do you have to assist with rules when WillowHeartC plays? My youngest is a bit older I think, and might enjoy smacking my oldest and I around.

    1. Glad you like everything Lasgunpacker!

      She likes the idea of playing...once she starts it's keeping her focused and engaged. So you have to read how the turn is going, and fudge as needed. And she doesnt like her gryphounds i need to get her more missile units i think. LOL

  4. Hahaha! 'Awesome' does not even start to decribe this! Man, I have no words. Congratulations, really, I love what you did.

  5. Your armies and tables are awesome, it gives me so much motivation to work on mine, thanks a lot :)

    1. Awesome Punk! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.