Friday, September 8, 2017

Son of a Beach!!!!

Well G'day M8's!!!  Things are going well he in the basement.  We got foam, we got poster card, we got flock....lots of flock.  I've been sneezing it up for days. 

Oh what's that monstrosity a photo of???  Well that's the game board I've been working on.  Pretty sweet huh?

Those big orange blobs are explosions.  The idea for aesthetics and to provide a bit of cover for the beach assaulters.

I'm going to build a frame to bring up the back tables.  I can use those shown or any other variation of my previous boards.

That seemed the easiest, then trying to rip the beach boards down with a table saw (Yikes). 

Explosion prep!
Got clear coat on the ocean. 

Beach Complete.  Ork up top for scale. ;)
Moss Man really helps with the flocking.  Ah that's better. LMAO

On to multi level buildings.

Cutting balsa wood is tedious, UGH

Now just needs some signs and furniture and debris.

Finally figure out what to put there.  A small tower works perfectly. 
Bepop what are you doing out there?

The tower to is complete....ya except for the flock....moss man I need you!

Getting the Wind Raiders sea worthy. ;)

Flock bomb smoke.

I will post more once everything is complete and set up.  If you have any questions on how I did anything feel free to ask. ;)


  1. Thats some brilliant looking terrain, really great work.

    1. Thanks man! I'm really liking how it's all coming together. Kind of a rough idea turning into a master piece. Well maybe not a master piece but you get the idea.

  2. Nice work mate! Are the explosions fixed in place? What are the vehicles? I can't pick what toy that is!

    1. They there where some rough spot on the board that needed covering up. The vehicles are broken heman wind raiders. 😉

  3. So much awesome, I can't handle it. I'm planning on making some dust markers for possible Ambull activity, but they may just be teddy bear stuffing. The playable interior buildings is something I aspire to, I need to get cracking on those.

    1. I need you on my table!!! lol so ready for November.

  4. Bloody hell mate, thats some lovely work for sure!

    Fixed explodes could indicate some nasty underground methane deposits?

  5. Anything involving Castle Greyskull is automatically the best gaming board ever conceived. You have earned your place in history, ABG.

  6. Love the fleet of Wind Riders! Love the Watch Tower idea! Love Bebop on the periscope!