Saturday, February 14, 2015

Battle at the Little Troll Horn

Taking the inspiration from Schusters last stand, and all the talk on the forum and facebook and here He of Three Names about the Alamo got me wanting to play some last stand scenarios myself.

With a thunder of hooves and a cloud of dust Black Vasken’s and the Goonies move into positions.  Black Vasken brings his officers together for a conference.  Serial Eve will take half the army and make a determined effort to break into the camp.  Black Vasken will take the other half and swing around the right, using the hills for cover.  Then he will charge the camp from the rear.

Serial Eve leads her division in a charge on the village.  Squatting Troll the Orc Shaman pushes forward a unit of Orc braves to block them at the ford.  Hobbit’s Hyenas charge in Killing 4 orcs as Gobble the hound is cut down in return.

Squatting Troll alerts two more units to the danger befalling the camp; a unit of Wolves, and some orc archers.  The archers let loose a volley on Vollrath’s Vandal’s but the armor deflects the arrows which fall to the ground.

Metal Mane’s Militia comes into view on the ridge behind Serial Eve.  They had been escorting the slow moving baggage train.  Metal Mane looks over the situation and moves his chaos warriors to reinforce Serial Eve.

Vasken reaching a ridge overlooking the camp sends Kellerman forward with a platoon of Heartbreakers.  Serial Eve meanwhile has concentrated her force to make a full attacks killing five orcs and routing the rest.

The Squatting Troll and Crazy Wolf rally six more orc units.  Squatting Troll leads a large column towards Serial Eve.  A swarm of goblins, orcs, and trolls moves towards the ford to block Kellerman and McDeath.  Mcdeath’s Maneaters take the brunt of the action as the wolves are killed.

Schmendrick has moved his dogs and beastmen up to stave the orc horde.  Serial Eve and Vollrath clear away their front moving up in support.  Nigel the troll charges Squatting Troll.  Serial Eve and Vollrath slaughter the wolfriders trying to cut their way towards Nigel, and Squatting Troll.

Kellerman and his platoon of Heartbreakers charges the trolls at the ford losing two knights.  McDeath and Sunkeneye’s Sackers sweep in decimating the wolves. 

Crazy Wolf finishes applying his magical warpaint.  The horde gathered around his hut let’s out a great WAAAGH!  As he comes out.  He hops upon his favorite wolf and leads the horde towards Kellerman at the ford. 

Gav the troll out on Serial Eve's flank goes down under a swarm of goblin spears.  Then Nigel goes down orcs spearing him to his knees, he looks dazily at Squatting Troll who rushes up tomahawking him in the skull.  A load cheer goes up from the orcs and the sweep into Serial Eve.

The pressure is to much, and Vollrath orders a retreat.  Serial Eve curses him for a coward, and lances a goblin through.  At the ford Kellerman and the reaming knights are cut down in the river.  Things are not looking good for Black Vasken and the Goonies.

Vasken and the wolves and the remaining Hearbreakers charge the ford.  While Brond Sunkeneye reforms his dwarf cavalry on a ridge.  Vasken single handily kills a troll and wounds another.  One of the wolves is gruesomely killed and mutilated by some goblins.  It is to much for the rest as they rout out of the way.  The goblin spearmen swarm over the wolf carcasses and bring down a knight.  Orc arrows start to fly in bringing down another rider. 

Serial Eve and her wing have retreated across the river.  The orcs and goblins seem content to let them stay there.  The whole camp seems to move towards Vasken’s division.

As another Knight is brought down and the wolves in rout, Vasken orders a retreat to a hill.  Brond moves to cover the withdrawal sweeping off a group of goblins.  The green horde charges and surrounds the dwarf cavalry.  They are overrun; Brond and the Standard bearer fight clear and make it up to Vasken’s hill.

Now they can only wait as they are now cut off and surrounded.  The Orcs and Goblins catch the fleeing wolves and slaughter them in view of Vasken.  Squatting Troll and Crazy wolf lead a great charge on the hill.  Vasken and the survivors put up a stiff restistance but are overrun. 

Meanwhile Serial Eve has taken up a defensive position on the ridge as night begins to fall.  All night her division can here the drums and whoops coming from camp.  Anxiously she waits for Vasken to ride up and take command.

In the morning Serial Eve can see that the camp and the green horde have all disappeared.  They have moved off down river.  She orders everyone to their feet, and moves off to search for Vasken.  
The find him and the rest of his command dead and mutilated on a hill, the crows already descending on the bodies to feed.  Serial Eve rushes to Vasken’s body and rest his head in her lap, but it just rolls off.  She orders the baggage wagons up, and they collect the bodies that are not to far gone.  They will take them to a necromancer to be reanimated; Black Vasken will be the first! 


  1. Really great stuff!! But I wish we could open up your wonderful Comic Style pics to enjoy the pictures/action in large size. Is there a way to open them? Thanks for posting!

  2. If you right click on the picture, and open it in a new tab you can maximize them to make them bigger. =)