Thursday, December 18, 2014

Heroquest Inspiration: The Trial

I don't know what it is, but I am always coming back to the first quest in the book the Trial.  For me out of all the quest's ever made for the game including the expansions this is by far my favorite.

Partly I think it comes down to the names....I mean come on Verag, and Fellmarg those are pretty sweet!  Then we have the right recipe for a quest a foul character in Verag has taken over and defiled the tomb of Fellmarg. Or has he?

It would seem that Verag has not completed his own quest.  As the guardian of the tomb is still in place as a beefed up mummy.  So what is Verag and his minions up to?  Do they even know about the tomb, or are the content with just searching for treasure in the lower halls?  Who knows because every time I have seen a party enter they don't ask questions.  They just kill everything in sight and search for that sweet treasure. 

So while contemplating these questions.  I set about creating a campaign based on this quest.  Reflecting on why Verag is even here if he is not even interested in Fellmarg's tomb.  I also need a reason to have the heroes keep coming back for more.  So here is a brief preview of what I have in the works, please stand by for more.


  1. I was never able to figure out the actual objective of The Trial and thus have always hated it. Please, enlighten me.

    1. Stay tuned phreedh my spin on it is coming up very soon. As for purist's of the game I think it just needed a bit of expansion. There is nothing in Fellmarg's tomb =( Also the guardian is still in place, which leaves the mystery of what Verag is even doing there. So I have taken these questions and turned them into my own little questline. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did while creating them.