Friday, March 13, 2015

The battle of IzandlWAAAAAAGHla!

After the last big post about the Vasken's foray's into the Little Troll Horn, and his unseemly demise at the hands of Squatting Troll, and Crazy Wolf.  Serial Eve thought it best to get a necromancer to keep reviving the force, I mean that is how Vasken came to be anyways, it only seemed natural.
Now we have heard some reports out of the dark continents to the south of an expedition being made into the heart of the dark-lands.  What follows is only a glimpse of some surviving footage of this mad foray!


  1. Very, very cool!!! Zulu is one of my all-time favourite movies and I love the idea of mixing fantasy and historical figs in battle. Really nicely done!!

  2. Phew! I thought I might be the only one. ;) Thank you.

  3. Bravo! Very cool take on the battle =)

    You might want to credit Cetshwayo with sending his Zulu warriors out to fight the Red Coats - Shaka Zulu had passed away some 50 years prior!

  4. Yup I know. ;) But Henery Cele is Shaka!!! and I wanted to use his pic. ;) It's gonna be tough to stump this me on Zulu history. =)

    This army was built for the Shakan Mfecane and Ndwandwe wars. What are in the pic's are actually my Shakan Zulu army, Ndwandwe, and some Swazi mercenaries. ;) All with proper named regiments.

    After all though this is IzandaWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghla, and not Isandlwana.

    1. Haha! Not interested in arguing peoples take on history, artistic interpretation ftw ;)

      Maybe an idea for a future battle could be the Empire vs a force of Impi's at Isandlwana under the Necromantic control of the undead Shaka!

    2. Now that is brilliant!!! Move over Grimdal's tomb.

  5. Wonderful report and a great looking game...Yay!!