Friday, March 27, 2015

Speed Painting Challenge: The gauntlet has been thrown

So everyone here speed painted a miniature in an hour! 



Tiny Basment 

and Steve Casey on the Facebook page.

I thought I would give it a try as well.

So I got my 80's synth music going on youtube.  Got my stopwatch ready and picked my figure.

Very exciting stuff!

I had a great paint scheme thought up.

I was about to start, when I thought to myself.  "Man I have never liked that sword, I should convert it real quick."  Well after about 30 minutes I had changed the sword for a mace, added a back banner and shield. 

Realized I actually needed a foot slogging Black Vasken for this weekend, rethought my color scheme, again.

Then I finally got started.

This is base coat about 13 minutes in.  I know I took the easy way out with a lot of black.  BOO HISS

This one is is with first highlights around 30 minutes I think.

Final highlights around 48 minutes.

Touch ups and washes applied, around 52 minutes.

Brushes down 53:00!  It was exciting, my hands were actually sweating.  A fun time and a new converted painted figure to game with this weekend. ;)


  1. Great work mate - and a tough model to boot. Yours is easily the hardest model to speed paint seen yet.

  2. Love love love the old school chaotic mace (with retro-accurate dots). Excellent result :)

    1. Thanks Axiom I was going to go red on it, then thought "no" got to go with the cheetah print. You can't go wrong with cheetah print. ;)

  3. Great job on this. Love the conversion. For me it's the color scheme that takes the longest.

    1. Thanks. Me too. I spent about 30 min thinking up the first one. Changed it and spent another 30 min. It worked out. I had to let the sun move out of the way of my window.

  4. Nice work. And you didn't even take the whole hour! Show off!!!