Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Morning Mailbag

The mail barons graced me with a bountiful bundle today!  First up is a box of Warhammer 2nd Edition.  I had this before but got rid of it a few years back when I needed some cash.  Regretting it lately I decided to score another.  This one is in a lot better shape.

I had never really looked it over either, just sat on the admiring shelf.  I am going to pour over this the next couple of nights and grab some ideas and inspiration. 

Next up we have the Warhammer Regiments box...Yes just the box.  I don't know I have been into collecting them lately I have several of the citadel colour paint ones.  Plus they are handy to put figures in for transport, and roll dice in.

Then we have two units of greenskins.  I am doing a small commission for Don Sargent of the Oldhammer Facebook page.  My hope is to try and keep pace with around 5 figures a week.  I will post my progress for you to follow.

Lastly not from the mail but you might have noticed them in the shot above, an eavy' metal band I have been working on.  By those colors they must be devotee's of Slaanesh.


  1. Fantastic Stuff ABG!! I may have to hunt up a 2nd ed box set one of these days as well...

    Your rockers look like Stryper in pink!! hahaha

    1. You should I got it and 1st edition both in box! They sure look good on the shelf. But I am THIRD through and through!

  2. A friend of mine recently came over with his completely worn out and loved to death copy of WFB 3rd ed so I can finally taste the sweetness everyone talks about! =)

    Do you think you will have time to do a batrep using 2nd ed some time?

  3. Possibly but it is not anything on the front burner. I have actually been toying with taking parts from all additions and make a sort of favorite rulez homebrew. However I like to keep my practice up on Third so I am not forgetful at the Oldhammer events when I get a chance to meet up with like minded indviduals. ;)