Monday, March 16, 2015

Mad Mort's Murderous Marauders get a points crunch...Ouch!

Here is Mad Morts warband has recently gone through some changes.  As things now sit  Mad Mort and Wallow lead a rabid band of halflings.  Slaggo the Slaanesh wizard leads the frightful beastmen.  Gen. Karnage the chaos dwarf leads a band of Bavmordian chaos warriors, and More-Slash the minotaur has beefed up to lvl 5!  Sorsha leads a band of mounted chaos thugs.  As things now sit they are around 1000 points.  So should be able to hold their own against the forces of Black Vasken.

I have a way better handle on things in 3E then when I first started.  So the next mini campaign should run a  lot smoother.  Looking forward to getting these out all on the table top.  

I can also add these to Vasken's 2000 points, and beef the whole army up to 3000.  So both these warbands should be making an appearance at Oldhammer in the USA.  


  1. Pretty fantabulous! I love them :D I especially like the use of Battle Masters Chaos Knights!