Monday, March 30, 2015

Heroquest Wrestlemania!!!

So got a game in on the new heroquest board...finally.  With a bit of help from JB Asslessman, and Bulldoglopez I give you my version of Oldhammer Wrestlemania.  Everyone seemed to really have a fun time, and it always helps when the dastardly fellow Black Vasken can win.  Boo Hiss, he rigged it!!! 


  1. That was hilarious ! I was so happy to see all that we love in good wrestling with the minotaur tagging in, the chair hits in the back and all this non sense.
    I felt like on one of those Saturday mornings 25 years ago !

    It would never have occured to me to play this with HQ but it really seems it had the dynamism required, good job to you all !

    We need more of this. Oh yes, we do.

  2. Glad it brought back a bit of nostalgia. The credit goes all to you. If you hadn't wrote up that scenario..who knows what we would have played. I am planning on doing more of the 80's scenarios. I have also been working on some 80's cinema scenarios as well. When they are worth looking at I will gt them posted up. Thanks again buddy for the inspiration. ;)

  3. Amazing and far more than glamorous than my memories of British wrestling with Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks...