Saturday, March 7, 2015

Where I convince myself that I need more Chaos Dwarf Cavalry from White Knight

So I have sat and tinkered with my army list yet again.  I think this time we have a winner, fingers crossed.  I have figured and refigured, and refigured to get my full army under 2000pts as per my thoughts on Stillmania

Yet I have also manged to raise the number in some of my units most notably my chaos dwarf contingents.  Vollrath's Vandals my chaos dwarf infantry will be raised to 24 figures.  With help from Clam and Delaney King of course and possibly a MM90 purchase here and there. ;)  I have also decided to raise my unit of dwarf cavalry up to 16!

Now we have gotten to the point of the post. For those of you who keep up on these things I did not believe that there were rules for dwarf cavalry anywhere, so I did some points crunching and playtesting an settled on a unit of 8 dwarfs at 150 points with M6 and +1 Save.  Brilliant I know...ugh not so much.  I was looking through 3E the other day and stumbled upon some interesting points that I had not been aware of please look below.  (Right click to embiggen the pic.)

Did you notice it?  It's right there for all to see, and I never did!  Here take a closer look.

So ya I can now have actual and I cringe at the word "sanctioned dwarf cavalry"!  At an extra 3 points per figure which actually lowers my point value in the army for my unit to 114, and allows me to get 8 more...Amazeballz!  So you aren't feeling the lack of charge and weopon bonus?  Dude it's dwarf cavalry with movement 6" and +1 save.  You can't beat a 12" charge radius especially with 16 of the lil' buggers.
I have actually switched my marauders to horses as well, because in the confusion of combat I always for get to attack with my warhorses, ugh I'm such a Oldhammer lamer! But I know how to save a point.

Halfling commander for pony point ref.

So which ones am I going to go with, I am thinking the raven guard.  Then I had a brilliant idea to just get four of each raven and boar so I had all of them.  For now though I am thinking of sticking with the ravens those seem to draw the most interest for me.  Oh and if you haven't seen them they are here from WhiteKnight and they are glorious just take a look at these pics, and my own painted ones.

So rush out you stunty lovers and get you some mobile dwarfs! 
*disclaimer I was not compensated in anyway for the free advertisement for White Knight...but I wouldn't mind. ;)


  1. Sounds like you have a good plan...the only rules I would add to the Pony stats is that they not suffer any encumbrance from armor dwarfs themselves....but then you don't typically use that anyway...:)

    1. Ya you know what I think of armor encumbrance. Not a bad thought though. We might end up having to realize that one of your dwarfs and one of my dwarfs are long lost relatives and team up against these sneaky Dark Elves. If Delaney ever get's her cannons done I am adding 3 of those as well. ;)

  2. Absolutely approve of adding your own units! I have a much less controversial unit of Chaos Dwarf Crossbowmen (weird they were not allowed in the lists when Citadel offered them)... stats are identical to 'normal' dwarves so I just looted the +3 points for crossbows.

    I don't actually have enough for a 'legal' unit either, but I figure five crossbows will be pitiful on the table anyway so shouldn't face many objections...

    I would certainly have no problem facing your dwarf cavalry!

    1. The good thing is most of Oldhammerererer's are a pity easy going lot. Blue was very gracious and cooperative when we played last summer. ;) Especially when those dwarf cavalry overran his battery Napoleonic style!

      Ya for my chaos I'm going to add in some fire power hopefully soon. I hate seeing my precious army cut down from ranged attacks, I need some suppressing fire.

      Glad you would have no problem with them. ;) Hopefully we can get a game in someday. If not Allentown in August maybe another time when I am out East...I need to get back in the habit of going to Historicon but you know life!

  3. Never seen this anywhere before, well done!