Monday, December 4, 2017

Rogue-Ops Comic: Burn the Crops

We played several games of Bulldog Lopez's mashed rules called "Rogue Ops".  If you haven't tried out this variation you should, it's a good time.  I gm'd this one with Bulldog Lopez playing the orks and my brother play Task Force Tomahawk.  I decided to make the Ace's a whole force action just to add some variety.  I really liked it instead of just doing heroes.  The cards can always be re designated for the forces you have i think.


  1. Replies
    1. Word dawg! Wish you could have stayed for this one. ;)

  2. That looked like a whole load of fun! Great stuff!

  3. "Not cool, Dave"

    Nicely done with great minis on a great table.
    What more could anyone want?

  4. Cool scenario, did you roll it up or come up with it yourself? Changing up the cards sounds good too. I was thinking the other way where each squad of=r fire team has it's own card.

    1. Nah the fields were still out, and I was like...let's have Orks try to burn those. LOL That's not a bad idea either. I thought the whole force move was pretty cool tho. The cool thing is that the deck can be adapted very easily. We will have to try a bunch of different ways next meet up ;)

  5. You had me at Squats.

    I'll have to try out those rules some time. Sounds like a fun alternative rules set and very versatile.