Friday, December 29, 2017

Saturday Morning Space Aircraft Carrier: Progress #3

G'day M8's!  I have some exciting progress for you today.

If you missed the previous posts have a look here.

Today we will be planning the hangar deck.

I set my aircraft up (He-Man Wind Raiders)  and started my rough ideas written out with marker.

I wanted to make sure I kept enough room for the aircraft, but also that the rooms would be gameable and have some space for some aesthetic bits like furniture and crates ect.

Then to get an even better idea I got some Space Hulk tiles out to give myself a visual inspiration to get started.

Then I started the build!  First up was the aircraft elevator.  When I saw the Mary Shelly's I had to have one as well.

Next up I roughed in the rooms.  I kept the rooms at around 5"x5"  this allowed for a squad to fit in it and still give a good visual height when the Flight Deck is on top

Then planned the flight deck.

I also got the aircraft primed.  4 fighters, and 2 bombers.

The Governor has some new posts as well: Pirates, and Action!  Stay tuned for Moawr. ;)


  1. This gets better and better every time I see it. I'm loving it!

  2. Liking how this is shaping out mate. Keep up the momentum!

  3. It is just so it!

  4. This beast is going to be off the hook. Iannick will add this to the list of things he doesn't have.