Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Oldhammer Weekend USA: Rogue Trader

Text by Bulldog Lopez, the rest by me. ;)

The Space Pirates were the first to uncover one of the energy signatures, but they discovered it was giant insectoid which they made quick work of. The Space Marines reached another energy signature but it turned out to be a very angry Ambull. The Marines managed to break away from the Ambull under heavy fire from the Genestealer Cultists. The Space Pirate, Venko Fett used his jet pack to secure the last energy signature… which turned out to be the late, great, ODERUS URUNGUS!
No wonder all the miners went insane….

With the objective revealed, a combat robot appeared from a mine shaft and began executing its final command to destroy Oderus. The miners must have reprogrammed the robot in a desperate attempt to stop Oderus. In order to capture Oderus, the players would have to defeat him in hand to hand combat. Venko Fett failed to defeat Oderus and was slain. Unfortunately for Oderus, the Crusader Robots on the hill proved to be too formidable for Oderus and he was rendered unconscious. Unfortunately for the Marines, the robots programming would not allow them to recognize the opportunity to capture Oderus and they continued to follow their programming to secure the center of the hill.

The game ended in a draw because none of the players were able to hold on to Oderus. The Genestealer Cult managed to make it through without a single casualty, but were under fire from the Pirates and the Ambull was heading up the hill to slaughter them. With all their psi-points expended it would have been left to the meager combat skills of the Brood Brothers.

Some of the high points of the battle included Inquisitor Serpico using his telekinesis powers to drop a mining vehicle on top of the robots turn after turn. The Marines really took a beating, but still managed to get tot eh center of the table and deliver some serious pain to the Imperials and Space Pirates. Overall it was a really fun game to run, and the players really got a kick out of Oderus Urungus being the surprise objective.


  1. Great report! This was a very fun game to watch. I was brain dead from travelling so it was nice to just sit back and watch the story unfold. Dustin had terrible luck as the Space Marines and Hannah's go for broke style seemed to fit in with the Space Pirate story well. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Oderus.

    1. Ya I couldn't believe I got that many space marines on the first volley. Dropping that Rhino on everything was way to much fun for me. LOL

  2. Great Report!
    I love your version of the story, (although the fact that the Genestealers and Pirates made a pact to share at the end was left out ;) Do you have any idea HOW many psi points the Stealers had left? (Waaay too many)) I am sure we have not seen the last of Oderus and the other Scumdogs too! My favorite part was the Inquisitor and his smashingly good Rhino! That was very clever!

    1. Thanks Lissanne! I had a great time playing this one, everyone participating was very sporting. Especially yes with me dropping a Rhino on everything. LOL

      Ya your PSI points were put to good effect, that wind blast can be very entertaining.