Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Warcry: Eternia Champions ep. 2

What's that your back for more exciting action!  Well hold on to your seat's M8's it's another action packed blockbuster episode.

This was the next game of Warcry I got to play with my Untamed Beasts.  They squared off against Cheetor's Stormcast Warband the Silverbolts.

We rolled off to see who would be the hunted and Cheetor drew the short straw.  His Champion, Hiram Silverbolt would be the target.

 Luckily for Cheetor, he got control of the Predator and set him up for his demise.

 But then Hiram Silverbolt had to face the mighty Black Vasken in single combat!

 Wait tho....what's that beeping sound?

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