Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Black Vasken

I’m onto yet another version of Black Vasken my Eternal Champion. This will be my fourth, andprobably not my last. Planning this one for Warcry.

I’m getting pretty happy with th result of this helmet crest. So stay tuned as the version moves along.


  1. Nuts as usual. Keep up the good work. :)

  2. That helm hairdo is 3 time the size of his head!!! Fucking awesome, I dig those "one thick -hair- coat" better than nowadays' more stylish ones (i.e. workshop's dwarves).

  3. Looks BOSS're getting pretty good with the Green stuff!

    1. I'm getting there. Not sure if I'm ready to try a full mini yet. I do enjoy these conversions tho.

    2. You should try at least.

      My 1st minis were stuff looking straight outta my ass, you know... Not letting stuff cure before you move into another part so while working you fuck everything up warping things and such.

      It's really satisfying to find your own style and materials tho, so don't let fear of leaving the comfort zone take control.

      I may suggest you trying polymer clay like Fino/supersculpey as doesn't harden till you bake it, so you have plenty of time work or leave it and rework it once you get in the mood. Rackham minis' masters were sculpted out of polymer clay not greenstuff. IMHO it's funnier to work with than green stuff.

      You'll make this old chap happy if you ever try!

    3. I'll give it a shot for sure. ;)

  4. How many Black Vaskens is too many? ;)