Monday, June 4, 2018

The Fight for New Texas: Missile Salvo

Major Guisard requested that we have some missile salvo's made for the upcoming gaming weekend.  So I got to work.

Oh I forgot to mention I got some nice new space mats/sheets for gaming.  If you caught the last battle report you may have noticed them. 

Anyway back on point.  Missile salvos  I decided to re-purpose the old TMNT blimp bombs.  Now that was a bit tricky as these were my brothers, so with a little sweet talking he relinquished them to my mad ideas.  The other ones are off various toys, and the small ones I got off eBay.
Here you can see where my inspiration came from.

Testing out some smoke trails.  Bulldog Lopez said they need to have smoke trails. 

In the end I decided to use cotton as anything else unbalanced the bases.

Can't wait to unleash these! Cuz look the first game table is all set up for the coming weekends gaming!!!!!  The Battle for New Texas begins.


  1. You’ve just broken the internet you mad man!

  2. Is it this weekend? I want 24hr sumulcast on all intergalactic channels!

  3. I'm gonna have to stop reading this blog in public, the boners are getting harder to explain

  4. I'm offering the Governor General Of Sector Six our latest anti missile defense system, based on the Teladine calliope system with improved range and warhead capacity. Produced under license by our weapons research division here at Fly By Night Industries......

  5. When's the game again? :P

    Are they REALLY smoke trails or are they poisonous contrails that the US government keep spewing out over the populace?

    Looking forward to seeing the game.

    1. This weekend!!!! I’m sure we can turn them into something sinister. 😉

  6. Oh crap, mine don't have smoke trails....

    Can I still come? lol

  7. Ho ho, that's pure genius! I love them!!!

  8. I second the live stream. Maybe a Monolith Twitch channel? Youtube? Messenger?