Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Saturday Morning Space Aircraft Carrier: Progress #11 Cactus Air Force

The Cactus Air-force:  Highway to the Danger Zone

You know I had to go TopGunn  ;)

Fire up the song and get ready to head into the danger zone!

I give you the Cactus Air-force, made out of He-Man Wind Raiders.

I tried to match my Khorne army as best as I could. Whil;e also trying to make them look unique to themselves.
After I let them set for a bit, I felt the needed just a bit more.  So added in some blue osl.  I'm quite pleased with the results.
Ready for take off!
So that's 3 squadrons: Gold, Green, and Red.  2 fighters, and one of bombers.
I also needed to figure something out for the grappling hooks on the fighters.  I've been calling it a Lasso Shot.  I redid the old rules for the Ork Shokk Attack gun.

Then I just needed names and and a squadron patch.
Little work on the names and the emblem. 
Red Squadron the bombers.
Golden Squadron the Fighters
Green Squadron Fighters as well.

These are just those little white stickers you get at Walmart in the office section.  Then I just painted 12 of them. ;)

Ready to dog fight over New Texas
 I can't wait to get these guys in the air!


  1. Woah, I don't think I realized just how much deck space there was!
    That is one huge ship. Everything about this build is stellar. From the paintjobs that fit together to the "Lasso Shot" to the Cactus Air Force labels. the last photoshopped pic with the "Lone Starr" in orbit. Perfect.

    1. It's gonna be epic....we might as well push it to the limits! ;)

  2. Looks great Dawg. All the little touches really put it over the top.

  3. impressive flight group there! Should make for some colorful fur balls!

  4. I think you rode that ship straight into the Danger Zone . . . and came back as the conquering victor with the King of the Danger Zone in chains before you, your face painted red, and someone trying to remind you that you're mortal and not the Prince of Chaos himself. Though on seeing this I'm inclined to wonder if your whisperer is right. When you beat the Danger Zone, do you become the Danger Zone? I am utterly gobsmacked by this whole thing. Well done sir! I am not worthy!

  5. My HeMan toys needed your artistic touch. No wonder I let them get sold at the church jumble sale.
    They just:

    1. Very said Dai...very sad indeed. I'm glad you like them, I really like re-purposing old toys.