Monday, May 18, 2015

Oldhammer Chaos Dwarf Cavalry

If you haven't found out by now I love cavalry in my fantasy armies.  I especially like dwarf cavalry!  Thanks goodness for White Knights brilliant range, though meant for classic good armies.  I now have two units of converted bad dwarfs.  These units can be bulked into a large unit of 16 or can be fielded separate as 8 dwarfs strong.

Remember you too can add dwarf cavalry to your armies, check out my points crunch post: Here


  1. I see a dwarf with three names!!! Your chaos dwarves are amazing dude.

  2. Usually I'm not a fan of dwarves BUT I like these CHAOS dwarves, and I like your paint scheme too ;) WELL dome :D

  3. Not a fan of stunties burn the heretic!!! LOL Glad you like them. ;)