Saturday, January 24, 2015

Rankin Woodenheart

Here we have a wee hobbit!  I picked this little guy up on a whim.  For some reason I am always drawn to halflings, and will find an excuse to paint one anytime.  It doesn't help that the Hobbit cartoon was one of my favorites growing up.  

I went with a pretty simple scheme of brown, and foundry night sky triad.  All the swords in the Rankin Bass cartoons are always white or glowing.  So this little guy gets his glowing when spiders are around!

 The fable of Rankin Woodenheart is known to all children of the wee folk. It is a tale of how one's curiosity can get you into trouble.  Rankin was a curious sort of halfling, who was always ranging far about the countryside.  One day he happened upon a sword and shield.  

To test his mettle he decided to guard a patch of cabbage against a family of racoons. Swift and sharp was the combat.  Rankin was thoroughly flushed from the excitement, though he was glad he actually hadn't killed any of the racoons.  For his bravery he decided to paint a wooden heart on his shield to remind him that he had stood against many foes.  The tale of his bravery for saving the cabbage spread through out the village.  

Then one day Rankin heard of another foe deep in the forest.  It was rumored that a giant spider had made it's home in the Briarwood.  Swelled with confidence and pride from his combat in the cabbage patch, Rankin decided to go investigate.

He gathered his gear, and set off at the crack of dawn....never to be seen again!


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