Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Orktober- Ork Tower

G'day M8's....Ya fancy an ork tower?

Well I needed an ork tower for my beach landing board.

 I built one of these as a kid, but it was long gone.

 I decided to make a new one, and banged this out over a weekend.


I really liked how it turned out.  I probably should have contrasted the walls and roof a bit more, but wanted to match what was on the board already.

I left the roof removable, for ease of adding minis.  It fits 4-5 figures, and will be an objective point in my upcoming battle. ;)

I've also made some fences while I was at it.




  1. Simple but effective. Nice work, mate!

  2. You have such a fantastic collection of scenery! I just love getting lost in pictures of your tables.

    1. Thanks Matthew! I hope to keep adding to it. Graveskul is becoming a boom town. LOL

  3. Very nice, and those fences, how they can be used with anything in your collection. Very clever

    1. Ya I'm actually more happy with how the fences turned out then the tower. It's all just balsa wood and cardboard.

  4. I hate myself for still not making any terrain, but love seeing yours. I like the use of corrugate for the tower wall and fencing. Can't wait to see it in the flesh.