Sunday, March 5, 2017

Moo Moo Minotaur

I have sought the AD&D Minotaur for some time with this head!  The other two always seem to be the ones for sale.  Well I got luck over Christmas and snagged this guy for a great price as he was mislabeled.  I did a bit of conversion work on him to make him my own.

He needed hooves and a bigger fist.  ;)

Then I decided to give him a mohawk.

Then I decided to chop off his axe and give him a club.  I think he looks more brutal now.

I can just imagine this guy crashing through the woods of the old world during the rut. You've all seen these raw nature shows.  Here he comes trotting out banging his horns on every tree he goes by.  Spraying his sent all over the place marking his territory.  Sniffing the air for rivals, and bellowing his war cry.  Oh man good stuff!

If the hooves and horns dont get you the giant tree in his hand will. ;)


  1. From the picture in the link to this post, I was worried you used a GW base in the model. Phew!

  2. One of your best conversions so far, Tom. It was a good figure to begin with but you have improved it beyond compare. Just tremendous!

  3. Pretty cool. You sculpted the Mohawk out of paste? Nice addition to the crew.

  4. Thanks Sean. Yup several layers of light modeling past. I seem to have more luck with it then greenstuff.

  5. Of course you gave him a mohawk! :)

    Like that you gave him hoofs too. The less humanistic, the better.

  6. LOL I had too! Appreciate the comments Dai! ;)

  7. That is one mean looking Minotaur!

    But, I think I'm triggered by the extensive use of fur.
    PETA told me this was bad. :)