Monday, February 22, 2016

Come join us in the Land of Adventure!

So with some new things on the horizon I have tweaked my game fluff slightly to better fit what I have going on better on the table top. Things have gotten a bit more sci-fi for me after getting rogue trader.  My game world is now a techno fantasy western much like the cartoon Bravestarr.  In this world both science and fantasy fit perfectly.  I hope you enjoy where this is going to go.  I know I am looking forward to it. The Civil War, Westerns, and the Pony Wars have been some of my favorite genres after Oldhammer. Incorporating them into my new world is giving me a lot of ideas and inspiration for the future.  I'm going to try and play some very cliche scenarios, these will go perfectly with the scenarios in Rt as well.  Some of which are quite humorous.

Black Vasken the Tattered Prince:
They dug up the wrong knight! Black Vasken was once just a simple knight with a famous uncle. The magic talking sword did choose him after all.  When Black Vasken fell in battle that should have been the end, however he was accidentally resurrected instead of his uncle, and with a nice side effect too.  Dirt…there is always dirt and worms issuing from his armor. It falls from his cuffs and rivets, when he pulls out his sword, dirt…the dirt of the grave is always with him.  Will he ever be rid of this cursed dirt?
Being a knight he decided to do knightly things. With his mighty Warhorse Kringer, a total dick of a horse that loves to torture everyone else, but utterly loyal to his master. Unwanted by those who brought him back he joined the forces of General Havok commander to the Red Queens of Towertown who are currently at war with the Everliving Emperor who rules lofty Tetra.
Taking advantage of the conflict Count Grabbo has unleashed his skeleman horde upon the land.  With his forces pressed Lord Havok sends Black Vasken and his ragtag army known as the Goonies to the frontiers of the west to stop him.
The wastelands to the west are where Vasken’s family once ruled.  He is happy to learn that the ruins of his castle still stand.  He begins restoring tower Graveskol to it’s former self.
While exploring in the catacombs below he is glad to find his gawdess Dread the Dark Heart sealed in a tomb. Still ready to serve him. Releasing her he places her in charge of operating the castle while he does battle.
restoring castle Graveskol:
Graveskol Armory
Graveskol Tunnels
Graveskol Library
Graveskol Gallery
Graveskol Tower
Beast Training
Combat Training
Scouting Mission
Graveskol Paintings
the Tattered Prince
catch phrases:  By the violence of dark heart! I have the violence! I have the blood ! By the blood of dark heart !
Opposing Black Vasken is the army of a crafty general named Mad Mort one of the Everliving Emperors trusted commanders. He is sure to have a few tricks up his sleeve, Like actually having Vasken’s uncle resurrected with his magic talking sword. Let’s not forget Count Grabbo’s skeleman army rampaging across the frontier either!
Also of note a strange girl from the Other World has appeared through a warp. She says her name is Scarlet and wears an armored school uniform.  She seems to know a lot about what is going on in the world and even more about Black Vasken.   Her heart born powers are mighty enough that her companions can easily forgive her unerring fixation on the "selfie."   
"What in the hell is that?"
"Hold on. Let me Google that"
"How did we get lost?"
"lil’ Ms. weird pants said she lost sell recepetion and her selluar foon stopped working."
Sources hacked from various places of the internet but most came from here:
Zak Sabbath
Reynaldo Madriñan
These guys are always there when I am stuck on an idea, I can always rely on them for inspiration.
Now on to what will be happening on the table top.  As I am kind of getting in a rut of what I have been doing, I have devised a simply d3 roll before a game to figure out what I will be doing.  1-2 will be a quest, 3-4 will be a table top battle, and 5-6 will be a skirmish job of some sort...think necromunda with fantasy.  I will also roll for a various subplot twist to throw a wrench in the game plan as well.  This should be pretty entertaining, and will for sure not leave things stagnant on here.
As some of you may have noticed on my game board are various treasure heaps and chest filled with chaos kredz.  I have been thinking of what to actually use them for in game and have finally been struck by inspiration.
I am getting some vending machines made as well as some other terrain pieces.  The vending machines will be filled with various items that should be helpful to the person buying them, all randomly rolled of course.  But how do we get money for these???
So we now have in game items that can turn the tide of battle in the vending machines.  however you must search the treasure heaps to gain enough Chaos Kredz to use them.  Should make for some interesting fights.  Chaos Kredz will also be generated by territories in campaign games much like in Necromunda.
I think that is about it for now....until next time my friends.


  1. Sounds good. I always thought there should be some reason to fight. My issue with campaigns is I always over complicate. I like that you have a random generator to integrate all the different styles of game. I look forward to reading more.

    1. I'm the same way! I have really made an effort and really diminished my material. Most of the charts I had were already represented on the table so became redundant. Glad you looking forward to it. Comic reports should get pretty interesting in the future. ;)