Saturday, December 19, 2015

Frostrgrave is Old news...Zombicide Black Plague arrived at my door today!

So yes Zombicide Black Plague arrived today! Cya later frostgrave, LOL.  I am so excited!  As you can see it came in a custom box of nerdage.  I am just blown away by the quality of this game.  This is just the main game set.  All of the add ons are supposed to arrive first quarter of biggy.  I would much rather wait for it to be right, then get a rushed product.

 The crew even wrote a nice letter for all of us.  That was nice of them

 I don't know if it is weird to be excited about the actual game box, but this thing is great.  Sturdy, with some sweet art.  It's totally got me pumped to rage on some Zom-heads!

 What I will be reading for the next few nights!  With a quick flick through it seems really well laid out, and simple.  I'm really looking forward to sitting down with it and giving it a good read.
 What a box with in a box.  I'm going to say they have made the storage of this game very easy and durable.

 That's a lot of Zombies!

 The figures are great!  They quality is superb.  I am really looking forward to getting these painted up.  I will say to of the swords were a bit crooked, but they bent easily back in place so no real worries there.  For the amount of figures that we are actually getting with all the stretch goals the quality of the figures is mind boggling.  They did a really good job here, they figures are stout and look like they can take a beating on the game table.

 The game table is great.  With nine double sided tiles.  It really gives you loads of options. 

 Look out heroes...those Zombies are closing in!  Will they make it out alive?

 We can only hope! 


  1. Nice. Mine was scheduled to arrive Tuesday, I asked FedEx to hold it so it wouldn't sit on my porch for a week. I just got an email that Dragon Rampant is arriving tomorrow. I forgot I had pre ordered that.

    1. Excellent! I need to try Dragon Rampant. Black Plague is going to be a fun one. Just got done reading the rules.