Friday, November 27, 2015

Mk 1 Terminators are duh sh*t!

So a bunch of us got these sweet new Mk 1 terminators from Drew Williams. Who is quite the sculptor in my opinion.  Well I as soon as I got mine I cleared my painting table and got to work.  Here are the results.  There are some rough spot on the paint job but that was the plan.  He looks very grungy crawling along the corridors.

The banner:  I was actually going to attempt to repaint that whole image.  I started to and realized that the minute details were going to be lost by the paintbrush.  So I opted to just paint the outside borders then gave it several washes and weathered it up a bit.


  1. Nice one and your 'painterly' style really works - when I try this it just looks a mess!!

  2. I think you mean Drew Williams :p

  3. Great colour scheme and the banner looks the bollocks!

  4. Really, really stoked on this, great job on the lighting. Really like the style that you've used for the banner too!

  5. Nice! I just puled out my game pieces from the latest release of Space Hulk (4th ed?). I'm trying to figure out how to base them. It looks like "modern" termies are based on 40mm rounds. With the scenic elements I think some of the genestealers won't even fit on that. I'm also not sure how I want to do the base. Maybe some railroad diamond plate plasticard.

    1. Ya that sounds pretty cool. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with. ;) This is a cheap mould off of some I had custom made when the new space hulk came out.

  6. love this, nice scheme on the stealers too =)