Thursday, October 22, 2015

Tim Prow Redux

I broke a rule of Stillmania and repainted a miniature...

I know I know I can here the hisses and boos already.

However I have been fixing a few slight mistakes throughout the whole army.  These things tend to happen when you paint single figures then rank them up.  Nothing to extravagant the odd boot color change or switching out a sword hilt color.  These things should always be looked at with the full army on review.  ;)

Anyway back to Tim Prow the full cheetah look though awesome was really clashing with the rest of the army, you can check out the previous post here .  I had also scored a new chaos steed from my man Rusty.  So ya I repainted my lovely champion into a black panther and gave him an awesome new deadly chaos mount.

I think the change was for the better as he looks way more ferocious.  Now all he needs to do is go back and claim Pride Rock for his own....wait a

Anyway here are the pics, with some comparisons you be the judge.


The chaos knight was sick of this stinking jungle!  The cacophony of wildlife rang in his helm incessantly.  It took everything he had to concentrate on the narrow path in front of him.  The heat was almost unbearable.  Steam poured from every seam in his armor. 

From the tree above something watched, and waited.  It slunk to a lower branch, silent, deadly.
His horse whinnied but it was too late to even raise his lance.  The great cat was upon him.  With one giant bite...crunch...the chaotic knight was no more.  The steed galloped clear down the path.  The jungle cat turned and eyed it's meal.  He trotted over to the dead knight and mauled it over.  Then he bit the dead knight's shoulder and tossed him across the clearing.  Bounding over on top of the body he took a giant bite and ripped most of the knight’s upper half away.  He fed till he was full.  All that was left was the knights lower half. 

The great cat drug the body up into the tree to save if for tomorrow.  With a full belly he laid down for the night to sleep.

When he awoke he felt odd.  He stretched, and heard the awful grating of armor in the tree.  Astonished he looked down.  Were once the cat's body had been was now the body of the dead knight.  Everything was awkward, he didn't feel right, he couldn't move right.Panic set in.

Then a voice came to him in his head...

 "You have killed a great champion of chaos, it said to him.  Now you must take his place in my armies.  I am your lord and you will obey my commands.  You will sown ruin and destruction for me at the ehad of mighty warbands.  Go and retrieve your steed, arm your self with the knights weapons and ride forth in my name...For Khorne and Ruin!"


  1. A great improvement, Nigel will understand I'm sure ;)

  2. He looks a lot less cowardly Lion now. The previous paint job was cool, but he didn't look as fierce. The Chaos Steed is off the hook!

  3. Hadn't seen this before... love the model and the story! I may even steal some of the ideas! ;)