Monday, September 7, 2015

Oldhammer Weekend USA: Lootz Iz Gotz

So I better get my Oldhammer weekend posts wrapped up. Today is a short one. I will spare you so you can save up for the last battle report.

Here why don't I just show off the loot I scored. ;)

I have been collecting the old paint set boxes.  This was the last one I was after.

Finally scored that chaos steed I was after.  WHOO HOO
A lovely dwarf musician for my Rankin Bass LOTR dwarfs.  I think I might convert him like Jaeckel's
Oh and I almost forgot.  I got a Great Spined Dragon...


  1. Nice. I have one set of paints - the Space Marine set - which I treasure and use regularly. However, the Ink set is probably the best of of all! Consider this blogger jealous much!