Friday, February 13, 2015

The Perry Twins mutated into the Pagan Twins: Oldhammer Trolls

So I had been after the C23 Mutant Ogre for awhile now.  Well the wait is over.  Not only did I score 1 but 2!  I decided to bump my chaos armies troll unit up to 4 as any good Khorne player should.  I have also added a commander in the form of Serial Eve with her magical "Goonies Never Say Die" Banner. Which has been Chunk approved giving it 4 truffle shuffles out of 5!

Serial Eve leading Nigel's Nutters into the fray

Goonie Banner

I have decided to model these lovable guys off the Perry twins...So I give you the Pagan Twins; Axel and Meatloaf.  
Serial Eve with her new bodyguards

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