Friday, August 29, 2014

Mad Morts Murderous Marauders

So I was going to wait till the project was complete. I'm to excited about it though. So here is the rough start.

Mad Mort is really Vlad Killmore a famous actor. Who was in a famous production called Wallow where he played the great Mad Mort. Afterwards it runs its course he becomes forgotten. Disillusioned he becomes a drunk that wanders from village to village. It was after sleeping off a bender in a gibbet, that he was approached by a band of beastmen. They planned on eating him, till they discovered that it was Mad Mort. He attempted to explain their mistake, but finally decided against it. It would seem that this band of beastmen loved the production and adopted him as their leader. So Vlad Killmore was no more and Mad Mort was reborn it would be his greatest performance. Till it completely took him over. Along the way the beastmen began hunting for the rest of the cast adopting them into their horde. So we have Wallow and Von Karnage, More-Slash (Wallows side kick), General Karnage,Sorsha, and Bungle Mutt. The halflings became tainted by chaos. More-Slash even became a Minotaur, and Von Karnage became a beastmen. Sorsha beautiful and haughty leads a band of marauder lancers with her second command Garth.

Also all my chaos units are subject to the 40k Ork Madboyz rules. This represents the actors improv-ing a scene.

So here are the first 250 points. As well as some of Dad's goblin horde. Also thinking of getting rid of the Death Dawgs, and switching them out with some Chaos Dwarf berserks. Not sure though.

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